Epathsala is a place where user can get an access to information on a large number of Educational institutions like School, Colleges, Universities, coaching classes etc in India.

We, at Epathsala, work with a mission to assist students in shaping up the future by providing them with the necessary information on educational institutions. That includes information on the infrastructure of the school, Courses offered admission procedure, facilities provided etc. The parents and students can choose their Educational institution, from our database escaping the trouble of searching individually.

Key Advantage/Benefits to Students and Parents:

  • Access to array of educational institution registered across India.
  • Complete information on each educational institution.
  • Getting queries answered by the educational institution.
  • Time saving and easy search option.

Key Advantage/Benefits to Educational Institution:

  • 24x7x365 online promotion.
  • Visibility on major search engines.
  • Institution facilities and features are highlighted.
  • Detailed information about Educational institution is provided to the user.

Using our Quick Search button, user can easily find out their desired institution whether it is school, colleges, classes within minutes. We, at Epathsala are ceaselessly striving to develop our services with the aim to provide all the parents, top-notch facilities.

Objective of EPATHSALA:
In the fast paced lives, Students or parents hardly get time to search for different educational institution individually Lack of knowledge about good schools, colleges or universities causes another hindrance in the admission process, Epathsala originated with an idea to solve this problem of students and parents by offering them detailed information on each school, colleges and universities and the facility at their own convenience